KimmyKoi Art--Fine Renaissance style Paintings Featuring Koi Fish
KimmyKoi Art--Fine Renaissance style Paintings Featuring Koi Fish

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  Kimmy-Koi Art / Mona's-Koi

Special recognition was presented to Mr. Champigny Military Order of the Purple Heartfrom the Military Order of the Purple Heart. Click here to read more...


A RENEWED PLEDGE of ALLEGIANCE and ANTHEM IN SUPPORT OF PRESIDENT TRUMP - LET FREEDOM RING!!!! "One Nation Under God" We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by the Creator with certain unalienable rights that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." Our unalienable rights come from a higher power, not from man or government. That's why we say,"One Nation Under God." Joe McKay and the Freedom Boys

Edward Champigny

A Soldier's Christmas Prayer To bring us to the manger where all LOVE begins; with the birth of the savior who died for our sins. Joe McKay and the Freedom Boys

Joe McKay And The Freedom Boys
Happy Veterans Day
Dedicated to the Soldiers who lost their lives in Benghazi.
And all the soldiers who lost their lives fighting for America's freedom.
A day In a crew chiefs' life under fire.
He was Just 18 at the time.
The name of the helicopter was Angel of Mercy.
The words are like the colors of an artists' paint brush,
When you listen, you should be in a dark quiet place,
Or just close your eyes.



I Love it When She Calls Me Daddy 

Joe Mckay And The Freedom Boys.

A song about how a Vietnam veterans' daughter helped him with his PTSD. Written by Champy. 

Background music, Harmony and words by Joe Mckay and Dave Schmidt.



Joe McKay and The Freedom boys


A cool song about Light and darknes in the world today.

The dark side is following the never ending lies. Truth, no mater how hard it is, will give you Freedom and light. You must drink the water of truth or fall to the blackness of death. Whoever lies will Kill you.


By Joe McKay and The freedom Boys

The song is about a 19 year old soldier in Vietnam.   He was a crew chief on a MediVac UH -1D helicopter. He saved a lot of lives, yet so many were left behind.  When he got on the jet to go home,  it was half empty.   He made a promise that he would thank hundred thousand soldiers or patriots before his death, for their sacrifice for our Freedom and liberty.    

God Bless America!!!! 

Thank you, The book "Tools of War" has a picture of Champy in it.

If you are a Soldier or veteran, for a free print of the Liberty contact Ed.


Trump Rally in Springfield Massachusetts

Springfield, Massachusetts

Edward Champigny, of Feeding Hills, right, dressed in period attire, leads a support rally for presidential candidate Donald Trump on the steps of Springfield City Hall Sunday. An estimated 100 supporters gathered for the peaceful event. (Frederick Gore Photo)Edward Champigny, a Feeding Hills resident and Vietnam War veteran, meanwhile, said he attended the rally because he wants to protect America's freedom. 

"I'm getting tired of weak people being in office and they lie to us right from the beginning," he said. 

Champigny praised Trump's lack of a political background, saying he sees the businessman as being more honest than candidates who typically run for office.

"I know the politicians and I know what they do," he said. "He doesn't lie and no backroom deals -- it's clean." Springfield Mass


What George Washington did to Donald Trump, that will change your point of view on divine intervention. Is this a scary truth. The message Washington left for Trump, will blow you away with truth. 


Kris bio

On the right, Kris is helping the people who are fighting for our freedom. Kris studied art at Springfield Technical Community College, where she graduated. From critiquing Ed's artwork, she found a skill she didn't know she had. She started painting classes at night with a well known local artist. Come to find out, people liked her work.

Kris believes in America and supports all women who are standing up for freedom in America.




Preview YouTube video The Freedom Movement Song. More fun than you could believe. Home grown, hot sound, and see George Washington sing about the movement for our freedom. This is crazy; you got to see it. Dedicated to Donald Trump. Send this to 5 people and we can Go viral.

"Inspirational and creative – I really like it. Acts 2:29"
Our next song and video is "Make America Great Again". WATCH FOR US



Newest Painting by Ed Champigny - "Celestial Silent Night"

celestial silent night painting

This painting is called "Honey, I'm Home."

The inspiration for the painting came from a perfume product called "HAIKU" by Avon. What better way to greet your man than with his favorite scent, sexy shoes, red lipstick and candlelight;  when he says, "Honey, I'm Home."

by Kristine Champigny

Kristine Champigny




The Koi, Goldfish and Koi-Inspired Art of Edward Champigny

Kimmy-Koi Art started from the heart of a Vietnam Vet who wanted a quiet, peaceful place to meditate and paint. What started out to be a desire to paint became a desire to raise and paint koi, reflecting their relationships not onlywith each other, but also with humans.

We offer koi and goldfish for your pond or aquarium,
as well as koi-inspired art for your home.

We now offer our koi and goldfish for auction at ebay.  Our selections include Ryukin, Oranda, Pearlscales, Bubble Eyes, Butterflies, and Black, Panda, and Red and White Goldfish.

Take a Tour of our Beautiful Ponds!


We offer "Show Quality" Ranchus, Orandas, Ryukins, Pearlscales, Bubble Eyes, Black, Panda and Red and White Goldfish. Click here to see our Ranchu Goldfish.



We have some of the most gorgeous Japanese Koi fish in spectacular colors, ranging in price from $15.00 to $2,500.00. Our koi include Doitsu Showa, Kohaku, Sanke, Utsuri, Gin Rin Showa and the NEW Dragon Fin!


Click here to read the article "Koi Art from a Veteran's Heart" published in Britain about the art of Ed Champigny.



Special recognition was presented to Mr. Champigny Military Order of the Purple Heartfrom the Military Order of the Purple Heart. Click here to read more...


"It is my desire that the satisfaction derived from keeping koi as well as love of fine art will be reflected in all Kimmy-Koi Art for the enjoyment and pleasure of everyone."—Ed Champigny