Koi Art from Kimmy-Koi Art
Koi Art from Kimmy-Koi Art
  Kimmy-Koi Art



October 2006


Stacy wins Baby Grand Champion Butterfly

Stacey Chapley won Baby Grand Champion Butterfly At the New England Water Garden & Ornamental Fish Show  with her Tancho Sanke Butterfly Koi. 

Also winning 1st place with her Metallic Red Hi Utsuri which she raised for the last 2 years. 

Kimmy Koi Art is proud to be part of this.




Jennifer Pyne from Brockton, Massachusetts sweeps New England in the New England Water Garden & Ornamental Fish Show "06". 

She won 1st place in the goldfish category with a Ryunkin named 'Corky'.  Also, 1st place Panda Telescope.  And 1st, 2nd & 3rd Fantail.

The next show she went to was in Rhode Island.  There, she won Grand Champion in the Goldfish catagory.


In the back ground is one of Kimmy Koi Arts' Ryunkin tanks where she  picked out her winner and spent months feeding and caring for her Ryunkin, Corky, for these shows.

Thank you, Jennifer, for allowing Kimmy Koi Art to be part of your success.



This black ranchu, from Kimmy Koi Art,  won 2nd place in the Allentown, Pa. Show on September 30th.  Kimmy Koi Art had a great time there and was glad to be part of that show.