Kimmy-Koi Art--Fine Renaissance style Art Featuring Koi Fish
Kimmy-Koi Art--Fine Renaissance style Art Featuring Koi Fish

Japanese Koi, American Butterfly and Fancy Goldfish from Mona's-Koi


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Kimmy-Koi has upgraded their facility, adding a new greenhouse which holds 4 additional quarantine tanks dedicated to Asian fish.Greenhouse interior

Also added is a new pond especially for ranchus and orandas, a completely reconstructed and modernized greenhouse with 5 quarantine tanks for koi and an additional 30 foot tank for holding goldfish. These tanks consist of state of the art filters and water changing devices with all systems completely separated. We also have a 5000 gallon pond which holds the fish for winter.pond in summer 2006

We are pleased to offer Doitsu Showa, Kohaku, Sanke, Utsuri, Gin Rin Showa and the NEW Dragon Fin! We are well stocked with high-end quality fish, both Japanese Koi and American Butterfly, many of which are signature fish.

We also offer show quality Fancy Goldfish from China, including Ranchus, Orandas and Ryukins.

We deal with breeders directly from Japan and China. Shipments of little ones are kept 16–30 days quarantined before being released.

Our fish are handled with love, and respond as koi often do, by swimming to us for hand-feeding and stroking. Keeping our fish happy and healthy is our focus. Read our tips for caring for your new koi and fancy goldfish.

As with many hobbies, Mona's-Koi started out in a new tankbackyard here in Western Massachusetts, USA. We have built three lush ponds decorated with tropical lilies, lotus and a large variety of other water plants. The ponds together total 25,000 gallons of water. We also have 6,000 gallons indoors for the smaller fish.

If you are interested in any koi and wish to obtain any, we will make arrangements for delivery with the utmost care of any purchases of $295.00 or more.

Please feel free to contact us (413-821-9319) if you have any questions regarding koi, their environment, or if you would like to take a look at our stock.

We would be happy to hear from you. It is our desire to match each koi lover with his "perfect" koi fish. Our goal is complete customer satisfaction. If we do not have a koi in stock that is "just right" for you, we will search out until we find one that will suit your needs.

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Kimmy-Koi Art--Fine Renaissance style Art Featuring Koi Fish - Contact Ed

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