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Ed's Interview with Koi Usa Magazine

The following article was published in the September/October 2004 issue of Koi USA Magazine, the worldwide magazine for koi enthusiasts.

Koi USA Magazine

About the Artist

Edward R. Champigny is a Vietnam Veteran who flew over 150 combat missions, was shot down three times, and was missing in action. He was awarded a 6th air medal with valor for saving 35 soldiers' lives during one of his missions. Koi-Usa Interview with Edward ChampignyWhile in a VA hospital, a fellow veteran told Ed about a koi pond he had. Ed got a book about koi ponds and spoke to everyone who knew anything about them. Intrigued by their colors, Ed was determined to learn more about koi and some day have a pond of his own. "I have to say they are my therapy because the memories of Vietnam are not allowed in this place," shares Ed while sitting next to the largest of his three ponds. Upon his release from the hospital, Champigny attended Springfield Technical Community College (STCC) and studied art and aquaculture for four years.

His home and studio is in Feeding Hills, Massachusetts. Edward is surrounded by Japanese gardens and ponds swimming with Japanese koi (Nishikigoi). Edward's work expresses how koi are believed to reflect the emotion and love of the people around them.

Interview with Ed Champigny - Koi USA MagazineSakai Fish Farms invited Edward to tour its breeding facilities in Japan. While there, he learned how to breed and raise the world champion Sakai Nishikigoi.

Kimmy-Koi Art prints are available by calling Edward Champigny at (413) 821-9319. Edward is proud to have relationships with champion Koi breeders who wish to see their works of art become part of Ed's paintings. Many of the paintings are available as cards as well as 16"x20" canvases. "It is my desire that the satisfaction derived from keeping koi, as well as the love of fine art, will be reflected in all Kimmy-Koi Art for the enjoyment and pleasure of everyone." Ed Champigny

Published in Koi USA Magazine - September/October 2004

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