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Recently, Mr. Robert A. Fairbairn of the Military Order of the Purple Heart, Department of Massachusetts, bestowed recognition and acknowledgement on Mr. Champigny’s moving Koi artwork, in particular his painting called “The Liberty.”…read more about the letter



Ed was published February 2004 by Koi Carp Magazine in Britain. Koi Carp Magazine is the largest of its kind in Europe.

Sharing the Dream

As his painting career progressed, Ed was invited to go to Japan to visit Koi breeders and their families. He took some of his prints with him to share his dream of painting 'The human feeling of love with living art (koi) in the sweet Raphael style in classical form'…read more of Koi Carp's article about Ed



The September/October 2004 issue of Koi USA Magazine published Ed's story in the Artist's Corner.

Edward R. Champigny is a Vietnam Veteran who flew over 150 combat missions, was shot down three times, and was missing in action. He was awarded a 6th air medal with valor for saving 35 soldiers' lives during one of his missions. While in a VA hospital, a fellow veteran told Ed about a koi pond he had. Ed got a book about koi ponds and spoke to everyone who knew anything about them…read more of Ed's interview with Koi USA



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