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A Letter to Ed Champigny From the Military Order of the Purple Heart


After a traumatic experience as a Viet Nam Veteran, it took Edward Champigny a good long while to start the healing process, but once Military Order of the Purple Heart Medalhoning in on his "God-given artistic ability" to produce beautiful Koi artwork, the healing began.

Recently, Mr. John P. Leonard III of the Military Order of the Purple Heart, Department of Massachusetts, bestowed recognition and acknowledgement on Mr. Champigny’s moving and patriotic Koi Artwork, in particular his painting called “The Liberty.”

On August 7, 2017, Ed received poignant recognition in a beautiful letter from Mr. Leonard, acknowledging him for his time and contribution of beautiful and very patriotic Koi Artwork.

To quote Mr. Leonard: “Ed, your message, both personal and artistic is particularly relevant during these troubled times when our finest young men and women are daily placed in harm's way to preserve and protect, as you so aptly titled your painting “Liberty.”

Mr. Leonard further stated that in support of Mr. Champigny’s worthy goal, he pledged to assist him in his endeavor to present a copy of the Koi Art painting, “The Liberty” to President Trump.

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