Kimmy-Koi Art

"The Covering" by Edward Champigny



The Innocence - painting by Edward Champigny

This painting is dedicated to Joe McKay, who has been a good friend for many years and served with me in the Army. Joe has 4 children, 9 grandchildren and a wonderful wife, Carol. He is known as "Backroad Joe" and sings about the historic events of his life in New Jersey in the 50's.

The Covering is a painting of delicate balance; as the silk blue shawl slips from her shoulder, she holds it with her arm.

Looking down at the koi, the yellow one is playful with the tassel. All the other koi come to investigate her beauty.

Modeled by: Kimmy Koi


Far left bottom: White Matsuba Butterfly
Next: Gin Rin Tancho Butterfly
Right bottom: Chagoi
Far right bottom: Shusui from Blue Ridge
In the middle: Kikokuryu,
Kin Kikokuryu from Kloubec Farms,
Jamabuki Ogon rom Pan Intercorp

The Covering
by: Edward Champigny
Feeding Hills, Mass


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