Kimmy-Koi Art

The 'Morning Dawn' and The 'Midnight Rose' by Edward Champigny




The ‘Morning Dawn’ and the ‘Midnight Rose’ are dedicated to Gerald and Suzy Tracy who have been friends of mine for over 20 years.  Gerry helped me get started with my art and helped my wife and I get started with our art shows in Westfield, Mass.  We took  1st Place for the ‘Covering’ one year.  Thank you Gerald and Suzy.


The ‘Morning Dawn’ and the ‘Midnight Rose’ are of Kimmy Koi coming home from a night out.  She is enjoying beautiful night blooming lilies called (NYMPHAEA) ‘Jennifer Rebecca’.  We call them the midnight rose because they open around 8 p.m. at night and close around 8 a.m. in the morning.  We have two paintings to show the separate times of the day that the flower is open.  Kimmy has just come home from being out for the evening.  She is leaning to her side to say ‘Hi’ to her friends, the koi.  She can see the beautiful flowers with the help of the lanterns.  To the right side of the bridge is a pair of red high heel shoes and a piece of lingerie, which she took off.  Maybe Kimmy is going to take a swim before she goes to sleep.  The flowers next to the waterfall are called ‘Giant Crimson Mandevilla’.


The fish at the end of her finger is called a Sumi Goromo and the one up above is called a Metallic Kujaku.  Thank you Blue Ridge Hatchery for the great koi.  The goldfish just under Kimmy ‘s leg is called a Calico Ryunkin.  Thank you Wayne and Nancy Pan for the great goldfish.


The Morning Dawn and The Midnight Rose
by: Edward Champigny
Feeding Hills, Mass


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