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"The Prince" by Edward Champigny



The Prince - painting by Edward Champigny

This painting is called “The Prince”.  It is dedicated to a prince of a guy, Walter Steinmetz, owner of Steinmetz Studios.  Our friendship goes back 30 years to when we gathered bales of hay at night for the cows I had at the farm in Southwick, Mass.  We have done lots of things together, from fishing to helping me buy my first digital camera.  Thank you, Walt, for your friendship.


Modeled by:  Kimmy Koi

Top:  Left to right

Red Cap Oranda

Red Belly Black Moor Telescope

Calico Ryunkin

Red & White Pearlscale


Bottom 3:

Red & Black Oranda

Calico Ranchu

Red & White Ryunkin


Thanks to Nancy and Wayne for helping us to get these goldfish from China.

The Prince
by: Edward Champigny
Feeding Hills, Mass


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