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"The Union Jack " by Edward Champigny




The Union Jack Painting by Ed Champigny

This painting is dedicated to Dietmar Kinzel.  His nickname was Woody.  He and I went to Augusta Military Academy.  We also both served in VietnamI served 1 tour, he served 2 tours.  His last year of service, he served as an Aviator.  When he left the service he was a Major, was awarded a Bronze Star and the Air Medal w/9 Oak Leaf Clusters.  He did 225 combat missions.  Our greatest times were driving around in his mother’s new convertible, picking up chicks.  He and I worked on tobacco farms during the summer to help pay for Military School.  In fact, everyone worked in those days.  He has been a life long friend.  Thank You Woody

About Ed's painting "The Union Jack"


This is a painting which I agreed to do after speaking to the people who published my first works in Great Britain.  When I spoke to them, they felt it was too political for them, but I decided to do it anyway.

The work "fish" in the first 3 centuries AD was used as an anagram/acronym for Jesus, Christians, God, Son and savior.  In those days it was dangerous to be known as a Christian, so when people met, they would signify to each other by tracing this mark on the ground as the upper half of the fish. The responding stranger would trace the second half of the fish to acknowledge that he too was a believer.

This painting vividly symbolized what is now happening in Great Britain.  We Americans want you, the British, to know that we love the true hard working English citizens.  We are deeply troubled by all that has happened to beloved freedom. This painting explains what we feel has occurred. The model is wrapped in the British flag, the Union Jack, which consists of St. Georges cross, St. Andrews cross and St. Patrick's cross -- all Christian Saints.  Unfortunately you can't fly your countries flag in certain places because it offends certain people.

Winston Churchill said Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy its inherent virtue, is the equal sharing of misery.(1)

We wanted to make the flag look like waves of red, white and blue flowing over the model; representing the waves around Britain.

Her hands extend out to a single koi (Asagi) representing freedom and liberty till the last Englishman falls, quoted by Churchill.  In the center of the bridge, the twin lanterns have been removed in remembrance for those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001.  In the bottom right corner, the koi (Hi Shusui) has a crown of 3 scales.  She is the "Queen Mother" who is watching as her English citizens are being engulfed and betrayed by predator parasites.  Those parasites disguise themselves as helpful but then begin to poison from within by using the states own generosity thus causing cruel and evil destruction.

Churchill believed God had placed him on earth to carry out heroic deeds for the protection of Christian civilization and human progress. (2)

The water on the right is swift and confusing.  Confusion causes people to question who they are.  Today all of Europe is confronted with union, politicians and Muslims, all trying to regulate us.

Churchill said if you have 10 thousand regulations, you destroy all respect for the law.(3)

Where the water hits the pond on the right side you are unable to see through the water because of the waves, ripples and splashing.  This symbolizes confusion.  If you look real hard you can see the predators lurking below.  On the bottom of the  painting in the center we see a koi (Goshiki) which is neither deep nor on top of the water.  He represents the bad politicians who just follow the flow and stand for nothing but themselves.  In the left center, is a red and white koi (Kohaku) with a little red on the nose.  This koi represents Hitler, whose destruction and killing has not been forgotten by us who live in these troubled times.  On the left is a lemon and white koi (Doitsu Platinum Hariwake).  The white illustrates the dove of the spirit of Jesus Christ and the yellow, the sunshine of freedom and truth.  The water is calm on the left evoking peace and understanding.  If you look real close in the bottom left corner, you will see predators preparing to manipulate and destroy peace.  On the left top, we see seven white stones that represent the Cliffs of Dover which you can see from the Atlantic Ocean.  It's such a beautiful sight to behold.  I say to the true people of Britain as Churchill once said to them:  Never, Never, Never, Never give up!  Never lose faith in your God.  Continue the fight for your precious freedom of speech, for to bare arms and protect yourself from tyranny, for your right to teach your children truth, to teach them the true history of your country.  Never stop holding you politician’s feet to the fire to tell the TRUTH, this needs to become a law.  I must add that I said to my Pastor that Jesus' blood was the same color as HUMANITY (red).  So if someone says "Racism", check their blood.


                                                Jesus gave His to save us ALL


The Union Jack
by: Edward Champigny
Feeding Hills, Mass


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