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"The View " by Edward Champigny



The View - painting by Edward Champigny

This painting is called The View and it is dedicated to Lori and John Raymaaker. During a time in my life, when I had lost everything, they took me in their home on the couch with their Labrador and 3 kids. They gave me mental support and a loving place to stay. Thank you Lori, John and all the kids, plus the dog that licked my face every morning.

The View has Kimmy Koi lying down on the bridge called The Liberty, looking at the beautiful fish. A song was written about the bridge by Backroad Joe and it is called Not About Me. Behind her is a stem of a lotus flower. A petal has fallen from the flower, showing the end of a season. This is Ed's last nude in this series. It took him over 10 years to complete. There is one more painting, which is not a nude, and it is called The Silent Night.

The fish are a mixture of Japanese and American breeds, all different colors.



Modeled by:  Kimmy Koi


The View
by: Edward Champigny
Feeding Hills, Mass


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